In relation to a mandate by the Federal Government of Nigeria to enroll all Nigerians in the Diaspora into the National Identity Number scheme which was started in 2015, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) with the help of accredited vendors are enrolling all Nigerians both within and outside the country. This move is to make it possible for Nigerians in the Diaspora to enjoy the benefits of being included in the National Identity Database.

The Nigerians in Diaspora enrolment process includes the following processes: i. Visit a NIMC Accredited Agent site ii. Start the NIMC Pre-enrolment Process by clicking on Proceed to Pre- Enrol on the Homepage iii. Print out or Save your Transaction Slip after the Pre-enrolment is done iv. Make a Payment of $50 via your card or any Accredited Enrolment Payment Agent v. Schedule and appointment at one of our Enrolment Centres vi. Visit an Enrolment Centre and complete your Enrolment vii. Collect your NIN Slip.

The allocated amount of $50 for the enrolment of Nigerians in Diaspora is mandated by NIMC to cover for all expenses incurred by the enrolment process. This fee is solely for the purpose of this registration only. Please ensure the name of the cardholder and accountholder is the same.

These are agents authorized to make payment on behalf of enrollees. An agent can receive cash payment or transfers from individual and make payment on their behalf. Please ensure that the payment was successful and you receive a transaction number from the agent before you leave. This is how your payment will be verified at the enrolment centre.

Please follow the NIN Services link under Our Services Menu on the Homepage and click the Location Locator button to locate Enrolment centres in your region.

NIN registration is paid for because of the direct and indirect cost of delivering the NIN to Nigerians in diaspora. The fee covers processes like logistics etc..

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is by law, the custodian of civil identity in Nigeria and it is the body to be able to identify and verify Nigerians. Data captured during passport process is not complete and is for that purpose only while that captured by NIMC is for all purposes which includes future passport capture, driver license, voter's registration, etc. The NIN is used by Nigerians both within and in the diaspora to access Public services.

The NIN is the unique identifier for Nigerians and hence a passport can't be issued for a Nigerian without it. This is in line with practices in other parts of the world. It will cost Nigerians more than 50 dollars to fulfil the registration and many Nigerians in our constituency will struggle to meet this additional financial burden, due to the location for registration. We are trying to make sure we have centres and agents in as many cities near you to reduce the distance traveled for this registration.